Disco Earth


Oct 21 – Nov 4, 2023

In cooperation with the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy, Do Mayer has spent the past few years working on a 3D-animated utopia to show us how this could work: to stop global warming. 

Because, as we all know, the problem is complex. 

The carbon dioxide that has been released to date will remain in the atmosphere for hundreds of years and from there it will send heat rays back to the earth (the notorious „greenhouse effect“). But these rays can literally be countered: ten square meters of mirrors directed towards the sky compensate for one tonne of carbon dioxide emissions per year. In other words, 2% of the earth’s surface would have to be mirrored to compensate humanity’s current CO2 emissions.

And this brings us to the central idea of Disco Earth: instead of searching in the mirrors for our lost selves, we need to point them outwards into space. For the Gimp, Do Mayer has now brought this idea from virtual space into reality: a total of 24 mobile mirrors were installed directly above the exhibition space in exactly the same dimensions, which not only had an aesthetically interesting effect, but also made the Gimp CO2-neutral for the first time.

text & photos: Clemens Espenlaub